About Me


My name is Ahmed HALIM, I am Egyptian. I live now in France.

I have a Bachelor Degree (5 years) of Architecture and Planning from Cairo, Egypt.
Since I graduated in 2012; I decided to make a lot of significant changes to guarantee a stable and good career future for myself. These changes were mainly focused on two parts; my personality, and my skills which is related directly to my field.
I worked a lot to advance my professional skills; by learning different new skills. Within this journey; I focused my research on the BIM field.
Straight after my graduation; I worked with a great team in a multi-national firm in Cairo, Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative. The headquarters was in the US, we had also other branches in Japan, and Dubai.
I worked for 3 years in OLC; within this period I learnt a lot from the team. I had the chance to share  my skills and also learn new by communicating with my colleagues located in different locations around the world. Also the nature of the projects gave a lot of experiences in how to deal with such challenges.
For the moment; I am actively looking for my new step here in France; I am searching for a new job which could fit my skills.
I'm always interested to discuss innovative ideas and alliance possibilities related to BIM Excellence tools and services, or anything else!
Please feel free to contact me through the contact application at the top of this blog.

Thank you!